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    Mathematics International

    Master programme "Mathematics International" - Overview

    Degree: Master of Science
    Standard duration of study: 4 semesters, full-time
    Language of instruction: English
    Admission: Summer and winter semester

    Our English-taught master's programme "Mathematics International" is a full-time degree programme for domestic and international students that typically takes two years to complete. Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree in mathematics (or a similar field of study). 


    Aim of the programme

    "Mathematics International" is a research-oriented master's programme that aims at students with special interest in mathematics as a scientific discipline who want to acquire a broad and deep knowledge of the field. To meet these expectations the department offers a great number of advanced courses at the master's level that address topics from many areas of pure and applied mathematics. 

    Study programme

    The programme offers an efficient platform to specialise in a number of areas of current research interest. The students can choose from a variety of lectures, seminars and "Research in Groups" courses (RIGs) which provide solid knowledge of the field and familiarise them with the newest developments in mathematics. A special emphasis is put on "Research in Groups" courses, which give the students the additional opportunity to acquire and enhance soft skills, such as speaking and presentation techniques. 


    Career opportunities

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    Our graduates pursue careers in a wide range of professions. Potential employers include universities, research institutes, companies engaged in research and development, administration, as well as small and medium enterprises. Mathematicians typically engage in pure research, or work in software development, management consulting, data security, communication, or information technology. 

    Tuition fees

    As of winter semester 2015/16, students are required to pay only the student union and basic semester ticket fees in the amount of 102,70 Euro per semester. 


    In order to defray the local expenses, qualified master's students may apply to work as tutors for the exercise classes within our undergraduate programme. As these classes are only taught in German, a good command of German and the German mathematical terminology is an indispensable condition for employment.


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